The Speed Queen story

Speed Queen began delivering the industry’s most trusted, highest performing washers and dryers more than a century ago. And with an unwavering commitment to quality, innovation and our customers, we’ve been dedicated only to laundry ever since.

Proven Reliability

Quality describes us and our products. The reason Speed Queen washers and dryers can last 25 years in your home is because we take a mindful and deliberate approach to building the most reliable products on the market. We pay attention to every detail, we only use the highest quality parts and we never cut corners. For over a century, we’ve been earning loyal fans, simply by providing reliable washers and dryers that last.


With our roots in commercial laundry, we really understand and have a passion for laundry. Laundry is all we do. That’s why you can trust Speed Queen equipment to quickly deliver professional quality results with every load.


Speed Queen dryers are quite simply the best in their class. They are built to deliver load after load of fresh, clean-smelling laundry. No more worries about weather or outside contamination. With a Speed Queen washer and dryer combo you have the ultimate in home laundry equipment.

A Different Class of Laundry

As the world leader in commercial laundry, we have over 180 engineers focused solely on creating the best quality washers and dryers in the industry. It takes years of designing, prototyping, testing and field testing before we ever take a product to market. We’ve built our reputation on commercial quality, and it’s our reputation that provides a peace of mind that our competitors just can’t match.

Speed Queen's engineer testing the laundry equipment

How long will your Speed Queen washer last?

How many years did your last washer last?

How many loads of laundry do you do each week?


How long will your Speed Queen washer last?

Speed Queen washers are built to last. We test our machines through 10,400 loads.*

30 30
25 25
20 20
15 15
10 10
5 5

*Results are based on Speed Queen testing and are not guaranteed.


American Quality

American women can choose choice of many brands from around the world. When it comes to laundry, they choose Speed Queen. That’s why Speed Queen was honored with the 2014 to 2018 Women’s Choice Award seal of excellence as America’s Most Recommended Luxury Washer and Dryer Brand.