India’s First Large Capacity Gas Tumble Dryer

Speed Queen dryers are big, fast, quiet and cost effective. No more worries about humid weather and outside contamination spoiling your laundry.


Many washers and dryers have “touch panel” controls. But, none have an industry-best five-year warranty backing them up like Speed Queen does. Our control panels are designed and manufactured to last 25 years and we back that up with rigorous testing to make sure our circuitry stands up to extreme moisture, temperature, vibration and power surges. So go ahead and push our buttons. You’ll experience the quality, dependability and durability we build into every Speed Queen machine.

Durability: Built Better to Last Longer

Speed Queen runs on gas so you save a lot on your energy bills compared with electricity. Gas heats up instantly too so less energy is used to start the cycle. Gas dryers have a shorter drying cycle because clothes dry quicker. That means less wear and tear on your clothes and the machine.

Our clothes dryers are built to the same exacting standards as all our laundry equipment. You can look forward to many years of fast, fresh laundry in your home with Speed Queen.

Perfected Drying

Our clothes dryers deliver a superior dry every time by achieving the ideal balance between drying temperature, airflow pattern and mechanical action. With commercial-grade components like a heavy-duty fan system and an advanced airflow pattern that ensures every bit of warm air enters the cylinder and dries the clothes, our tumble dryers deliver the perfect dry, every time.

Exceptionally Efficient

Our premium tumble dryers feature multiple technologies designed to save energy and money. Our cutting-edge Eco Cycle uses an advanced heating algorithm to conserve energy while achieving an optimal dryness level. Moisture sensing starts cooling the clothes when the load reaches the dryness level you select, reducing unnecessary drying, lowering utility costs and protecting your clothes – exactly what you’d expect from one of the industry’s most efficient dryers.

Destroy Bacteria With High-temperature

Select the high-temperature drying function to kill dust mites and bacteria in your laundry. Ideal for babies’ and children’s clothing and bedding.

Speed Queen's clothes dryers destroy bacteria with high temperature

Convenient Drying Rack Holds Special Items

The drying rack functions is handy for delicate garments and wool, shoes, soft toys and other items unsuitable for tumbling.

The Ultimate Home Laundry

Pair a large Speed Queen dryer with a large Speed Queen washing machines and you have your very own commercial quality laundry. With Speed Queen you get true American lifestyle luxury – a fresh, clean, fragrant home all year round.

Quality Assured Super Durable Machines

Speed Queen laundry equipment is manufactured in the United States. Our powerful yet gentle machines are made from premium quality materials.

We apply strict quality checks and test our machines for up to 10,400 cycles – at 8 cycles per week, that’s 25 years of fresh clean laundry.