Stacked Washer/Dryers



All The Power, Half The Floor Space

Speed Queen stacked washer/dryers pack all the benefits of the highest performing and most durable washer and dryer into fraction of the floor space. You get the same unmatched cleaning results. The same premium parts and construction. The same 5-year warranty. Only half the footprint.


Many washers and dryers have “touch panel” controls. But, none have an industry-best five-year warranty backing them up like Speed Queen does. Our control panels are designed and manufactured to last 25 years and we back that up with rigorous testing to make sure our circuitry stands up to extreme moisture, temperature, vibration and power surges. So go ahead and push our buttons. You’ll experience the quality, dependability and durability we build into every Speed Queen machine.

Revolutionary Dynamic Balancing Technology

This is possibly the greatest thing to happen to washing machines since the electric motor. Groundbreaking Dynamic Balancing Technology uses sensing and algorithms to virtually eliminate vibration. The result is less residual moisture in your clothes, faster cycles, faster dry times and operation so silent you will hardly know it’s running.

Washability & Dryability

Nobody knows clean like Speed Queen. It’s the kind of knowledge you can only get by leading the industry for more than a century. The washer on the Speed Queen stacked washer/dryer features patent-pending baffles and ideal tumble rhythms to perfectly lift your laundry and cascade water throughout the entire load, delivering the best possible clean. Our dryers match that unparalleled performance that delivers an optimum dry while using less energy.

Durability: Built Better to Last Longer

Speed Queen stacked washer/dryers are designed, tested and built to deliver 25 years of commercial-grade performance in your home. In fact, the Speed Queen stacked washer/dryers that you put in your home are the same durable, long-lasting washing machines used in laundromats and other commercial applications, like hotels and institutions. Constructed with metal components where others use plastic and rigorously tested to ensure reliable performance, Speed Queen stacked washer/dryers are built better to last longer.

Leading performance in half the space

When square footage is at a premium, Speed Queen stacked washer/dryers offer the perfect solution. This convenient design allows double the capacity in the space of one machine while sacrificing nothing in performance and wash/dry quality. Designed for ultimate user convenience, these two-in-one space savers also conveniently locate controls for both washer and dryer in the middle of the machine for easy access and operation.

Warranty: Quality Assured Super Durable Machines

Speed Queen laundry equipment is manufactured in the United States. Our powerful yet gentle machines are made from premium quality materials.

We apply strict quality checks and test our machines for up to 10,400 cycles – at 8 cycles per week, that’s 25 years of fresh clean laundry.